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All of us know what black money is, right? In uncomplicated terms, it is the money which is illegally obtained, and which the rich hide so that they don’t have to pay high taxes. In India, this is an insanely huge problem.

A lot of you must be aware of the case that’s going on. 627 names were submitted to the Supreme Court, which were the names of the ones who hold foreign bank accounts. About 350-odd reside in India and 270-odd are NRIs.

In some studies, the black money is estimated to be between $426 billion and $2 trillion (Rs. 120 lakh crore). That’s roughly the size of our economy. Shocking, huh? Imagine if this money was remitted back to India? Imagine the boost our economy will get.

These tax evaders sleep peacefully at night knowing that they have spent their lives lying and deceiving people. Not only that, the black money? It could rejuvenate our economy. Don’t they want to see the country progress? Don’t they want to be a part of a country that they are proud of? Instead, they are the ones who bring shame to the nation.

The rules should be the same for the rich. Just because they have more money, doesn’t mean they deserve special treatment. We’re a democracy. And we are all equal before the law. The path to healing our country is going to be difficult. But we have to go down that path sometime. It might as well be NOW. And thus, here’s to the hope of the truth getting out and justice being served.


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