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ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is described as a feeling of euphoric tingling caused by auditory stimuli like gentle tapping, or by visual stimuli like watching origami paper-folding et cetera. The euphoric tingling feeling we get when we peel dried Fevicol off from our hands, that’s ASMR! Videos triggering ASMR have gained a lot of heat recently, but the precise mechanics and origins of the brain tingles remain, for now, a mystery. Let us explore the black, white and grey aspects of this topic.

Black Some researchers believe that people using ASMR may find some dark side to it. ASMR influences the brains to be tricked through the sensory organs, and it takes people to a place where they may not even feel the need for an actual human connection at all. Addiction to such content can create some serious psychological problems. Moreover, ASMR videos prove to be an easy source of income for a YouTuber. An investment of merely INR 6,000-7,000* may help him/her earn INR 70,000* or generate 10,000 views on an average, which causes bulk ASMR content gushing towards the internet, the majority of which are amateurish and often sexually appealing.

White People who experience ASMR swear of the benefits it has on the overall well-being. ASMR helps create a feeling of good vibes from within in a natural way to keep a good mood going throughout the day. Sufferers of depression, social anxiety, and a host of other mental disorders who experience ASMR say that the tingles have alleviated their symptoms without the need for medication. Given the rise in the cost of medicines and visitation charge of a psychologist, one may suggest ASMR as a cheap and reliable option, as the videos indeed tend to be soporific even for people who don’t feel a frisson down their backs.

Grey ASMR videos have been around for quite a while, but in-depth research on this topic only began much later when they started to capture the interest of many people across the world. No matter how good or bad ASMR shall be, we can be sure that people can make a lot of money from it. While it’s hardly disputable that a lot of people have benefited by the use of ASMR, people digging money from this internet phenomenon is a major concern. With YouTubers seeking easy money in this opportunity and flooding the internet with ASMR videos, uncertainty revolves around the effect of ASMR on its users and eventually its future.

*Basis USD/INR rate 70

By Akshat Daga


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